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Lower rates than agencies or in-house developers, creating a window for a cost-effective option and even better result.

Flexibility to work on your project on your own schedule, which can be helpful if you need the work completed quickly or outside of traditional business hours.

Specific areas of expertise, such as WordPress development and e-commerce development, which can be beneficial if you need a website with particular functionality
If your project requires a larger team, it’s easy to bring on additional assistance through connections. This can be more difficult with an in-house team or an agency that has fixed staff.

The chance to have more control over the development process and ability to provide direct feedback. This ensures that the final product meets your needs and is something you are proud of.


There are 3 spots currently available for website development, logos and SEO. Book a call to get a quote on your next project.

A custom business website tailored to your branding typically takes 5 – 7 days to build the first draft.

When customers can easily reach out with questions or concerns, it offers peace of mind they will never be left in the dark. What’s even better is I create a custom suite of video guides for updating and managing your own website on the go.

Responsiveness, availability and high-quality work builds trust. Trust here will never be broken.

By being available to web development customers, it’s easy to resolve any issues you might be experiencing. This can help prevent small problems from becoming bigger ones, and it can also improve your experience with the digital industry.

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Getting a quote for a new website or a redesign is as simple as booking a call or sending an enquiry with as much information as possible. 

Book a call here.

Send an enquiry email here.

New websites can take anywhere between 5 days and 2 months depending on how many revisions/changes are required.

The first draft is typically supplied on a staging domain within 7 days.

The standard price for a new website developed for every online device is between $1,500 and $2,500. Larger websites and eCommerce websites typically cost more.

Payment terms are 50% upfront and 50% on completion.

It is essential to get your voice heard online through search engine optimization (SEO) – we always develop our websites with SEO in mind. In order to ensure that your website ranks highly for all relevant keywords related to your business, we can ensure that you receive more traffic, more conversions, and, consequently, more revenue from your website. Increasingly, SEO has become a necessity rather than a niche industry.

SEO is setup with the new website and submitted the Google. All new website builds will receive a 100/100 SEO rating using Google’s Lighthouse. SEO also includes page speed optimisations and image compression for light-speed loading.

Our experience spans a wide range of industries. A wide range of professionals is represented, including accountants, associations, automotive, business coaches, dentistry, eCommerce, education, environmental, fashion & retail, financial planners, home builders, human resources professionals, hospitality companies, information technology firms, lawyers, local governments, manufacturers, marine, mechanics, medical & allied health, nonprofit organisations, orthodontics, physiotherapy, real estate + construction, craftsmen, software developers, speakers, and tourism. It is typical to have clients who have established companies with at least five employees and whose revenues exceed $1 million. The majority of the time, they need to increase the number of leads and inquiries generated by their website. In other words, they want more of the right people who are ready to buy right now, and they want to receive more of those people.

  • Let’s start with the results and ambitions of the design

  • Website strategy is real and the primary focus, followed by website creation

  • There is a unique process of creation with unlimited revisions

  • Possessing all the skills across the board for custom websites

  • Commitment and communication to you will never change

A complimentary premium WordPress hosting solution can be included as part of our partnership with Siteground. The hosting solution is stored on Google’s data center in Sydney. Furthermore, you will receive ongoing technical support in addition to unlimited small job fixes and troubleshooting. Our WordPress website maintenance and hosting solution includes all your website maintenance and problem-solving needs.

A complimentary premium WordPress hosting solution can be included as part of our partnership with Siteground. The hosting solution is stored on Google’s data center in Sydney. Hosting plans start at $250/year and are available for small, large, and eCommerce websites. The Google Cloud provides lightspeed loading time along with the best security on the planet.

Complete brand/business packages which come with a website, logo, colour palette, typography, social media setup and more! Everything you need to hit the ground running and start getting attention online.

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